Our Mission

Advanced Motion Chiropractic

   To increase the overall health and well-being of our patients by performing high quality, non-invasive, natural chiropractic therapies in a comfortable and caring environment. The goal is to not only alleviate pain, but more importantly, educate our patients to become active participants in their own health and well-being.

   Dr. Adair's philosophy is that he treats the cause of the problem and not just the pain.

Advanced Motion Chiropractic

6824 E Brown Road Suite 101

Mesa, AZ 85207

(northeast corner of Power & Brown)

Dr. Tyson Adair

Office (480) 454-3418

Fax (480) 466-7081

Email: advancedmotionchiro@gmail.com

Business Hours

Monday - Friday 8 am - 5 pm

Closed for Lunch 12:00 -2 pm

Wednesdays closed in afternoons

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